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AnaCise xDSL Triple Play PIM helps service providers to verify proper deployment and management of DSL technologies such as VDSL1/2 and ADSL1/2/2+.

During the process of installing DSL services it is necessary to test and verify that the existing copper pair is up to the job. Even more after installation has been done problems may still arise as many customers will upgrade their lines or add new services to their subscription.

Many customers will be utilizing the new Triple Play Services on this line thus the ISP need to have test equipment that very easy to test everything from commissioning the new DSL installation all the way to troubleshooting the IPTV or VoIP transmission.

AnaCise CSA xDSL Triple Play module will help you perform these.

The CSA xDSL Triple Play PIM supports 4 main modes of operation each tailored for fast and easy testing. Simply step through the CSA's easy to use 7 touch screen menu.


> Main Features

xDSL Triple Play PIM
Firmware selectively for the support of various DSL technologies-
  ADSL1/2/2+, VDSL1/2.
Modem Termination/Pass Through, Ethernet Termination/Pass-Through
Programmable Scheduling Test with Alarm/Events Logs.

PLM™ Physical Loop Meter HW Option Featuring DMM/RFL/Distance


to Open & Short Meter/Kick and Leakage Resistance Tests.

Triple Play Analysis Suite V IPTV (TPAS-IPTV) Option.
  - STB Simulator with MPEG measurement.
  - Channel Scan with Latency and QoS measurement.

- IPTV Expert with MPEG measurement.

Triple Play Analysis Suite V VoIP (TPAS-VoIP) Option.

  - SIP Simulator.
  - VoIP Expert with RTP measurement.
Triple Play Analysis Suite V Data (TPAS-Data) Option.
  - Ethernet IP Protocol Analysis.
  - Internet Service Tests with HTTP and FTP upload/download simulation
  and measurement.
  - IP Layer Tests with PING, Trace Route simulation and measurement.
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